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Understanding Inventory To Sales Ratio

RELEVANCE: The Inventory/Sales ratio, or the number of months of inventory on hand, measures how quickly manufacturing and whole and retail trade businesses read the direction of the economy. Businesses typically do not anticipate recessions and slowdowns in the economy, and during those periods inventory tends to accumulate relative to monthly sales. MECHANICS: The inventory and sales data are collected by the U.S. Bureau of the Census through monthly surveys of manufacturers and whole and retail trade establishments. The sample is stratified by detailed industry and covers at least 3,000 establishments. The data is reported approximately 40 days after the close of the month, with the...

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Sales Per One Thousand Dollars In Income

Sales per $1,000 of PY  ECON First believes that business success centers around knowing the economic and demographic characteristics of their primary market area. While business experience, insights and intuition are important, they are substantially advanced by hard data. Every market area is unique and the data proves it. Among other measures, ECON First tracks industry sales per $1,000 of personal income. This measure is derived from a combination of data from the BLS Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, the Department of Commerce Census of Business, and the BEA annual income accounts. The example below evidences how important it is to gather data on each market area.  THE BUCKEYE...

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The Stapleford Report is published by Econ First is, a Delaware-based economic consultation firm. We put economics first to provide intelligent and actionable analysis and consultation for business purposes. ECON First offers Consulting Services to individual businesses who wish to have more in-depth analysis that extends beyond the standard primary market area assessment. The analyses combine ECON Firsts in-depth and unsurpassed knowledge of a region’s economy and industry specific knowledge and data.