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          My name is John Stapleford. I am the President of Econ First, which publishes this digital economic intelligence report. We provide world-class, commercial grade reporting and analysis that applied economic intelligence for business success, specializing in a solution-oriented approach.

         Corporate leaders who are concerned with business expansion, diagnosing causes of lost sales, acquisitions and development, and keeping their business model current with emergent trends utilize our services.

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Measuring Market Strength

ECON First believes that business success centers around knowing the economic and demographic characteristics of their primary market area. While business experience, insights and intuition are important, they are substantially advanced by hard data. One standard measure of economic health is the growth rate in real (inflation adjusted) gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. GDP is the output of final goods and services in a  geographic area during a specified time period. The GDP growth rate is the most comprehensive thermometer for judging the temperature of an economy. Examining GDP on a per capita basis controls for the influence of population change on changes in output. THE BASIC...

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Econ First

The Stapleford Report is published by Econ First is, a Delaware-based economic consultation firm. We put economics first to provide intelligent and actionable analysis and consultation for business purposes. ECON First offers Consulting Services to individual businesses who wish to have more in-depth analysis that extends beyond the standard primary market area assessment. The analyses combine ECON Firsts in-depth and unsurpassed knowledge of a region’s economy and industry specific knowledge and data.